My List

10 Apr

I did Exercise 1 this morning so I could share my answers with you! Here’s my complete list, in no particular order. I bolded the emergencies that I decided were most likely to occur.

  • Flood/Tornado/Hurricane/Earthquake…natural disasters
  • Riot/general urban unrest
  • Fire in my building
  • Long-term power outage (possibly due to weather, above)
  • Widespread food shortages
  • Loss of job
  • Government takeover/martial law
  • Economic collapse
  • Terrorist attack
  • Asteroid hits the earth
  • Global pandemic
  • Zombies (just had to include this one!)

In my opinion, the smaller-scale events are more probable than the global catastrophes. My part of the country is subject to tornadoes, so that was one of the first things I circled. I think that most cities could be in danger of riots. Power outages were next on my mind because I had lived through several extended ones during my childhood  in Pennsylvania. Finally, I picked fire because I live in a high-rise with several hundred other people who may or may not know how to safely operate a stove!

The others range from somewhat plausible to really “out-there,” so I’ll  concentrate on these four potential emergencies for now.

I already have a 3-ring binder on hand, so I stuck my list in the front pocket and went on with my day!

Have you done the exercise yet?

What sort of emergencies are you worried about? 


What do you think?

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