New Items to Pack

13 Apr

I posted this morning about the small survival items I keep in my purse.  I hadn’t updated my bag in a while, so I started thinking about what else I may want to add. I have three new ideas to share with you:

  • I wrapped several feet of duct tape around my old drivers license. Duct tape is super-handy, and my old license can serve as a last-ditch form of ID in case I would need it.
  • I wrapped several yards of toilet paper around a stick of deodorant. This should be self-explanatory 🙂 but if you do the same, make sure you use unscented deodorant so that you don’t draw attention to yourself if you have to go out in the wilderness.
  • I cleaned out my drier and put the lint into a small plastic baggie. Did you know that drier lint is great tinder? Plus, it’s free! ALWAYS good for those of us on tight budgets.

I have a larger pack that I plan to carry if an emergency arises and I need to leave my apartment, but I do like to keep my purse stocked just in case something comes up while I’m away from my 72-hour kit.

Do you have any more ideas for my purse?



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